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Written by The Review Agency on Jul. 1st 2019
Once you’ve got a Google My Business page and bunch of other listings on authoritative directories. The next step is to tap into the most powerful way to not only push your business to the top of search results but also to help your business gain trust with new, potential customers.

Would you agree that business reviews are the most decisive factor when it comes to making a purchase online?

In a 2018 consumer research survey, they found that 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses - AND - 68% are influenced to trust (or distrust) that business more. 

Positive reviews are great because they show a strong correlation between your business and incredible service. In contrast, negative reviews are devastating because it suggests that your business does not serve the needs of its customers.

Reviews are essential for any business to learn, adapt and improve their service. But, what do search engines have to say?

For Google, reviews are a major ranking factor for the Google 3-pack as well as the top pages of search results.

However, you may have seen businesses in the Google 3-pack that had no reviews. Right?

Well, this is due to other SEO factors which contribute to your overall search rankings. We mentioned a few of those in previous articles, such as optimizing your website, publishing content quality, improving page load time, and so on. These SEO factors you have complete control over.

Now, something you should be aware of is that more and more people are relying less and less on websites to determine whether they will do business with you.

So, customers reviews are critical. And, they a direct impact on your business reputation and your ability to rank. 

By the way, if you’re thinking you can save time by creating a Google My Business account and focusing only on getting Google reviews. Consider this. Other platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YellowPages, and so on) may have a collective impact on your overall ranking.

Search engines don’t reveal all the rules and systems that control the search results!

Well, reviews coming in from different places is one of them. However, they can create a cumulative signal for search engines to determine trending businesses and businesses offering the best services.

The important point to remember is that your reviews are going to impact your search rankings. The more positive reviews you get, the greater the likelihood you’re going to be found on the top pages and in Google 3-pack.

But… how will you get your customers to spend time and energy on creating an account and providing you with a positive review? Watch FREE TRAINING by clicking on the button below!

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